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Pebble’s founders have a simple vision: Let Pebble do all the work so you can do more of what you love. Reflecting this, we’ve designed their iPad app offering a simple yet delightful experience, allowing users to have the entire RV experience at their fingertips.

Pebble’s number one goal in creating the Pebble Flow was to make RVing easier. This mission extends beyond just the hardware to include the seamless integration of technology that powers it.

With this goal in mind, they have harnessed the power of cutting-edge technology, robotic software, and artificial intelligence to create a set of groundbreaking, world-first intelligent features that automate the hardest parts of RVing.

Under the direction of Oui Will, we have designed an iPad app that allows users to effortlessly control their entire RV experience. Simply, delightfully, and joyfully.

Ashfall Studio
The command center

The Pebble App serves as the command
center and the gateway to all the intelligence integrated into the Pebble Flow. If you can comfortably use an iPhone, you'll find operating the Pebble Flow just as effortless.

Ashfall Studio
Ashfall Studio
A custom icon set

To perfectly match our UI style, we have crafted a custom icon set for the app. It features more than 20 icons that align with the overall art direction: soft, yet powerful.

To maximize the impact of the iconography, we’ve animated the icons to convey their meanings more effectively.

Ashfall Studio
An intuitive dashboard

Everything the user needs is at their fingertips, presented through an intuitive dashboard.

The app includes interior features like temperature control, dimmable lighting, and monitoring the battery's state of charge and water tank levels, along with high-tech controls such as InstaCamp, Remote Control, Magic Hitch, and solar charge monitoring. It truly makes RVing simple and intuitive.

Ashfall Studio

On the website, we invited users to discover
all the key features of the product dashboard and experience the mounted iPad in the vehicle’s interior. Our aim was to engage the users and quickly explain how powerful yet simple the app is.


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