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As an innovation partner, we have engaged
in a long-term collaboration with Hyperframe, a pioneering framing company. We worked alongside their team to reimagine the user experience and interface of their key digital product, HyperBIM.

Less waste. Higher productivity. More affordability. Hyperframe is a leading construction innovation company on a mission to re-engineer every element of steel framing for speed, safety, and quality.

As Hyperframe's dedicated innovation partner, we've embarked on a series of innovation sprints to transform the user experience and interface of HyperBIM, their flagship digital product. HyperBIM empowers contractors to easily configure Hyperframe's framing solutions, address challenges, and streamline production preparation.

Our efforts have been focused on simplifying the user experience, removing barriers, and refreshing the user interface and its interactions.

Ashfall Studio
Dedicated tools

One of the key upgrades introduced to
HyperBIM is a new way to switch between tools. Instead of overwhelming users with too many features within a singular mode, we offer them the choice of how they want to interact with the product.

Ashfall Studio
3D visualiser

Through creative and development sprints, we've helped Hyperframe upgrade their HyperBIM 3D visualizer, both visually and technically.

Visual upgrades involved creating a new color scheme, a new orientation cube, and a completely new approach to errors and warnings. We've implemented all new features and focused on the optimization of WebGL models for smooth and fast rendering.

Ashfall Studio
User interface design

We focused on refreshing the user interface design of HyperBIM, aiming to inject a modern, lightweight touch. By integrating microinteractions and animations, we've enhanced the overall usability but also injected a sense of enjoyment and fun. We aimed to make navigating HyperBIM not just intuitive, but also a delightfully interactive experience.

Ashfall Studio
Ashfall Studio
Dark theme

We've identified user flows for setting up or
modifying a project and applied a dark theme to visually differentiate them from the 3D builder. This provides users with immediate visual feedback on which part of the experience they are navigating.

Ashfall Studio
Ashfall Studio

Once a project is marked ready for production, all editing is disabled, and the model is divided into zones. Each zone is then converted into a corresponding building quadrant on the construction site.

Developed in WebGL, we've introduced a fresh look for the zones and enabled users to explore each zone and its related parts.

The Team

Martin Ehrlich
Alex Predusel
Tomáš Sebastián
Robin Payot

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