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Fifth Row


Fifth Row is on a mission to harness the
power of AI and increase the ROI of innovation within corporations. In a close collaboration with their team, we’ve crafted their brand strategy, brand identity and helped out with their website and app.

Fifth Row is a Platform built by U+ Digital Ventures, which leverages AI to increase the ROI of innovation for companies. It's a truly groundbreaking product, redefining the way AI can be used for companies in making informed strategic decisions about innovation.

They asked us to rethink their brand and define a strong, self confident yet irreverent voice. In an era of digital-first businesses, Fifth Row’s identity is unapologetically digital. That’s why its applications are crafted to excel on screens, enriched by dynamic, procedurally generated patterns that bring the digital experience to life.

procedural patterns

Inspired by the dynamic nature of generative
AI, we’ve developed a system for procedurally generated animated patterns. These patterns became the centerpiece for all applications, serving as a striking visual anchor of the brand.

Ashfall Studio

We're leveraging Cavalry to bring our procedurally generated patterns to life. Simply by uploading a black and white movement map, it's transformed into our distinctive shapes.

A digital-first brand

We are in an era of digital-first businesses, and Fifth Row tasked us with creating a brand that embodies the contemporary digital-first ethos. That’s why its applications are primarily designed to excel on screens, complemented by dynamic animations and fluid content.

Ashfall Studio
The product

A core objective was to frame Fifth Row's brand identity through its digital platform, featuring Research AI, Discovery AI, Market Testing AI, and Talent Matching AI.

This suite employs generative AI to discover trends, seize opportunities, validate ventures with data, execute market tests, and pinpoint the best talent for any project.

Ashfall Studio

Fifth Row challenged us to shape a brand
voice that's both self-assured and delightfully irreverent. We chose a color palette that finds the perfect middle ground between serious and playful, a reflection of the company's mission and bold spirit.

Ashfall Studio
The 5x5 base grid

Reflecting the name Fifth Row, each application is built around a dynamic 5x5 grid that adjusts according to the medium. This adaptable grid structure allows us to segment the space into big colorful blocks, versatile enough to incorporate any form of content, from patterns and images to text.

Ashfall Studio
The team

Martin Ehrlich
Alex Predusel
Tom Hodbod
Mubeen Qassim
Nicolas Garcia
Martin Egrt