Ashfall Studio



For 30 years, Chateau Domingue has
been celebrated across America for its premier selection of monumental antiques. We've established a modern brand voice that respects their heritage and created a storytelling-driven e-commerce experience.

Noticing that many people seek a balance between old-world beauty and modern design, Chateau Domingue's founder, Ruth Gay, has created a harmonious juxtaposition with her product offerings.

The story of Chateau Domingue is one of elegance, refinement, and beauty.

Ashfall Studio was tasked with encapsulating this elegant narrative within a bold, modern brand identity and a storytelling-driven e-commerce platform. We invite visitors on a seamless journey through a curated collection of timeless products.

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Martin Ehrlich
Alex Predusel
Gaétan Pautler
Jacob Frederiksen
Hakim Mazouz
Philippe Neveu