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Pebble imagines a lighter living that’s never
idle and always, simply magical. We've supported their pioneering team in transitioning from stealth mode to a full product launch, crafting a digital ecosystem encompassing a website, an app, and product visualizations.

Under the direction of Oui Will, we helped Pebble, a California-based startup founded by pioneers from Apple, Tesla, and Zoox in transitioning from stealth mode to a full product launch through a six-month collaboration.

Pebble imagines a more sustainable future and a world where home can be anywhere you want to take it. Their all-electric travel trailer allows people to seamlessly live, work and explore from anywhere.

Our contributions included designing and developing two websites, creating 3D visualizations, and designing their iPad app.

Live Website
Ashfall Studio
cross-platform interactive experience

A startup founded by visionaries from Apple
and Tesla requires an equally innovative digital presence. That's why we crafted a cross-platform immersive experience, enriched with advanced interactivity and powerful 3D visuals.

Ashfall Studio
Ashfall Studio

We've created a series of 3D visualisations showcasing Pebble's flagship product, Pebble Flow, highlighted in its natural Californian setting.

A visionary experience

We aimed to craft a website that mirrors the visionary essence of Pebble Flow. The experience includes interactive features showcasing the product and the power of its cutting-edge technology.

Through an immersive fly-through, we invite users on a journey through the interior of the vehicle, highlighting all its significant features.


Typography is an absolutely essential element of Pebble's minimalistic identity. It captures its soft, welcoming essence and contrasts it with the brand’s innovative, futuristic aspects.

Youth by All Caps is a geometric sans serif that combines raw geometry with rounded corners, creating an unprecedented energy in bold cuts. It’s strong yet soft, just like Pebble Flow.

We've paired it with Aeonik Regular and Aeonik Fono by CoType Foundry, which introduces a distinctive futuristic flair.

Art Direction

The art direction is founded on simple, yet bold principles. It utilises powerful typography and 3D visuals in combination with the brand’s soft and futuristic aspects.

Our main approach involves using beautiful 3D visuals and layering them with bold headlines. Together, they blend seamlessly to create a harmonious system.

Ashfall Studio
Ashfall Studio
interactive slider

Enabling users to discover how Pebble Flow
can be used both off-grid and on-grid, we’ve designed an interactive slider that allows them to explore the best features of both worlds.

Inspired by Califoria

The color palette we chose reflects the essence of Pebble. It's soft and nature-inspired, yet it retains a characteristic boldness.

It draws inspiration from California’s diverse landscapes: the sandy hues of the Mojave Desert, the verdant greens of the state parks, and the vibrant oranges of Antelope Valley's poppy fields.


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The Team

Martin Ehrlich
Alex Predusel
Tomas Sebastian
Matyas Sochor
Martin Egrt


Oui Will

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